Author: Carrie Mashinter

How to Live More Authentically

Sometimes we know we are not feeling quite right about situations or about how we are living our lives. We may be feeling challenged by other people’s expectations and annoyed by the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in. It may be difficult to pinpoint what the exact problem is that is causing us to […]

Finding Your Curiosity

Finding Your Passion Curiosity If you are like a lot of people we know, you will have come up against the proverbial question, “what is your passion?” more than once in life. Or you have found yourself needing a career/life change and want to go in a different direction. When faced with this conundrum, we […]

We Are Here!

Welcome to our very first post. Hopefully, you have had a chance to click on our about us page to find out who “we” are. We are so excited you found us and we look forward to meeting you during one of our workshops or through our other events/activities we are currently working on as […]